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The Shipkiller

The Shipkiller

A novel of love and revenge set on the high seas, by New York Times bestselling author Justin Scott (co-author of The Thief, #1 New York Times bestseller), considered one of the best maritime thrillers ever written, back in print after twenty-five years.

It was the largest moving object on the face of the earth, but for Carolyn and Peter Hardin it was a towering wall of steel bursting out of a squall at full speed, bearing down on their ketch Siren. In a few dramatic moments, Siren was shattered by the indifferent juggernaut. Struggling for his life, Peter Hardin felt the hand of his wife being torn from his grip as the huge white letters on the supertanker’s stern–Leviathan—steamed away.Thus begins an odyssey of revenge that embraces the distant waters of the world, from the titanic storms of the South Atlantic to the oil-slicked reaches of the Persian Gulf. Selected as one of the best thrillers ever published by the International Thriller Writers—and now back in print for the first time in twenty-five years—The Shipkiler is the story of one man determined to win at sea the justice he has been denied on land. 

"As someone who has sailed on large merchant ships and yachts, I can attest that Shipkiller captures both worlds brilliantly and into the bargain is one hell of a sea story."

- Christopher Buckley -

“A stunner. Absolutely riveting. A marvelously taut, brilliantly told story of revenge, and the sea, and the dark forces than can shape the human condition.”

- Robert Ludlum -

“With a draught of Melville, Scott limns his driven people as stylishly as his boats.”

- Time Magazine -

“One of the best fiction sailing adventures.”

- Yachting Magazine -

“There is a hint of Moby Dick in the theme of this excellent thriller.”