Thrillers by Justin Scott

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The Man Who Loved the Normandie


Normandie Triangle

“A big ... brilliantly plotted novel of World War II espionage.”—LOS ANGELES TIMES

“Very exciting, tantalizingly plausible... A humdinger of a World War II thriller.”—PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“ ... a virtuoso of technical detail and characterization... Scott evokes the grace and power of the great ship even as he describes its destruction.”—TIME MAGAZINE

When a Nazi saboteur engineers the sinking of the superliner "Normandie" just before World War II, naval architect Steven Gates penetrates the agent's insidious plans for even greater destruction . Interned in New York harbor because of the war, the Normandie was commandeered as a troopship after Pearl Harbor. On Feb. 9, 1942, amid chaotic and erratically supervised refitting, she caught fire. Fire engines on the dock and fireboats on the river then pumped so many tons of water into her that she capsized.
    Justin Scott's "The Man Who Loved The Normandie'' (originally published in the USA in 1981 as "The Normandie Triangle") is a fictional re-creation of the Normandie disaster and the subsequent attempt to salvage her. The German spy, code-named the Otter, poses as a refugee Dutch salvage operator. The submerged stern of the stricken vessel is a perfect hiding place for a miniature submarine on its way to him from ''Uncle Willy'' Canaris, the German spymaster. to torpedo the British liner Queen Mary in the mouth of the harbor, which will effectively plug up the port of New York as a cork plugs a bottle.