Thrillers by Justin Scott

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The Auction


The Race

A large sum of money is only a small part of the ransom in this thriller by Justin Scott, bestselling author of The Shipkiller. "Your bid is expected at the Pendragon auction. Lancelot" read the cryptic message. Comptel knew that the world's most phenomenal money marathon had just begun. Pendragon was the codename for the most influential and least-known individual in history. A broker who traded empires. A man who held the coveted key to world power. And now he has a hostage. Comptel would be bidding against other multinationals. Sheiks, presidents, and generals. Against those who knew that, without Pendragon, nations would topple and empires would fall. Comptel would start the bidding. But the ending of it was Pete Chamberlain's job. His lethal assignment: find Pendragon. And find him fast. Only the kidnappers, the Russians, and the CIA stood in his way.