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Ben Abbott Mysteries by Justin Scott

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McMansion by Justin Scott

Ben Abbott, realtor and private detective, is so incensed by mammoth McMansions that he refuses to sell them. Ben is not the only citizen of Newbury who is provoked by over-sized, ugly, wasteful houses, however: Billy Tiller, Newburys greediest developer, is discovered underneath his bulldozer.


“What a civilized pleasure awaits readers inside the handsomely designed doors of Justin Scott's McMansion. In today's world of too many mysteries too closely-spaced, over-sized and under-crafted, Scott's new Ben Abbott novel is designed like a fine house with the rare traditional delights of appealing characters, authentic setting, witty social comedy, and a really good suspenseful plot. So pull up a comfortable chair by the classic fire and enjoy your stay in McMansion.”

- Michael Malone, Author of Uncivil Seasons