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Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice by Paul Garrison. EBook cover design by Irina Virovets

For more than a decade, the world's oceans have been home to Michael and Sarah Stone and their young daughter Ronnie, who live aboard the sailing yacht Veronica, bringing medical care to remote islands. But their peaceful life is shattered when a medical distress call summons Sarah and Ronnie to a gargantuan commercial vessel lying still ominous in the equatorial Pacific.

Michael, left behind to tend to an ailing islander, watches with growing horror as Veronica is hauled onto the deck of the hulking metal behemoth and is carried away.Stranded and alone a thousand miles from civilization—with only a primitive canoe at his disposal and no navigational equipment except the stars—Michael Stone must now do the impossible. He must find his kidnapped family and rescue them from the clutches of a madman. And, unbeknownst to him, Sarah and Ronnie's are not the only lives at stake...

The debut of a remarkable new writer, Fire and Ice is an electrifying tale of suspense that races through the perilous waters to the worlds most exotic ports—toward an unforgetable climax as unexpected as it is unrelentingly intense.


“A finely crafted thriller by a master storyteller.”
—Clive Cussler

“Heart-stopping suspense…One of the best thrillers to steam into view for some time.”